HD+ Software Update(Bug Fix)

A bug has been discovered in our 3.004 HD Zoom software. The bug turns off auto-focus functionality when opening the Adjust box and selecting the Advanced tab. The bugged behavior persists until you restart the application and will re-trigger if you again navigate to the Advanced Tab of the Adjust Box. Clicking the Page Default button on the Advanced Tab and closing and reopening the Adjust Box/Advanced Tab will also rectify the bugged behavior.

We have fixed this bug and recommend downloading our latest Software version 3.007 Here

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Website Update

As you might have noticed we have refreshed our website if you have encountered any problems (or I misspelled anything) use the Contact Us Page to let us know.

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Preliminary Feature Guide

On 11/16/21 the latest version of our FaceFinding/Auto-Cropping feature guide was updated to include simplified controls recently implemented in software.

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